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 We offer Express, Spa and Luxury Lotus manicure and pedicure options. Whichever you choose, our professional nail technicians will bring your hands and feet to their optimum condition.

Lotus Spa Manicure 30

Let your mind unwind as we shape & buff your nails to perfection, condition your cuticles, and massage your hands and arms.


Express Manicure 25

Are your nails in need of some quick TLC? We'll have you in and out in about 15 minutes.


The Lotus Spa Pedicure 45

Sit back and relax while we bring your feet to peak condition.


Express Pedicure 35

Being short on time is no reason not to have great looking feet!


Polish Change  

Hands   10

Feet     15


Nail Trim

Hands ~ Nails soaked, trimmed and filed.     15

Feet ~ Toenails are soaked, nails are trimmed and filed.     25

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